Taste of San Antonio Highlights Texas Cuisine and Culture!

All types of restaurants will join the crowd on October 3rd near the downtown Pearl Stable for a chance to participate in the 33rd annual Taste of San Antonio. Everything from Cajun to Texas wine will be waiting for visitors, and you can even attend the Showcase Dinner, featuring remarkable chef Robert Santibanez. His culinary arts will astound you and the rest of the audience. Aside from food, you’ll be surrounded by a great atmosphere with many booths, fun live music, and small demonstrations of food-making from various participants. If you decide to stay over the full weekend or more, you’re welcome to stay in a San Antonio hotel not far from the downtown area.

If you’re still in the mood for a cuisine experience, try the San Antonio Wine Tour, which provides you with all kinds of wine sampling in the nearby town of Fredricksburg. You’ll have a full view of the small town atmosphere, as well as a tour of the three Hill Country Wineries. Along the way, you can eat lunch at one of the great local restaurants in town for a hearty meal that will perfectly complement your wine tasting. The town also features several antique stores for you to browse through on your approximately seven hour tour.

Finally, as a way to complete your cultural experience, head on over to the Old West Summer Chuck Wagon Ride and Dinner Show, where they’ll serve you up a juicy barbecue dinner to enjoy. In addition to the cuisine, you can take part in a fun tall tale-telling cowboy tradition, along with toe-tappin’ live country music that will have you can singing along. The show will give you the feeling that you’ve truly been a part of the “Old West” era when things were much simpler and traditions were strong.

Vacation in the historical part of Texas to dine on great food and meet new friendly faces. Join in the excitement with your southern friends this early autumn.

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