Celebrate German Culture at the Mt. Rushmore Area’s Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is coming up soon in the Mount Rushmore area, and the festival will begin in the nearby town of Deadwood this October 1-2, providing authentic German cuisine and beverages. Grab a mug of brewed German beer and huddle up in one of the many heated tents on Main Street, joining in the festivities as cooks from around the area grill juicy brats and and mix up some side dishes. You’ll be treated to live music celebrating the German tradition with the most talented polka stars performing in front of audiences. If you’d like, you can try the traditional dances yourself. If you’re planning on staying overnight or longer for the festival and other activities, you can pick from plenty of Mount Rushmore lodging options.

 You can continue in the spirit of the historical area by going to one of the many attractions that Mount Rushmore is known for, such as a performance at the Flying T Chuckwagon Supper and Show. The music is lively and you can’t beat the food, featuring steaming barbecue grilled chicken along baked beans, doughy biscuits with honey and a slice of spice cake. The performers, the “Flying T Wranglers,” will treat you to a country-style show with plenty of comedic moments interjected throughout, and you’re welcome to get your picture taken with them afterward.

If you’d like to see more of the surrounding country, the Buffalo Round-up with Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse is the perfect opportunity to discover the Badlands terrain. See the incredible 1,500 buffalo that Custer State Park rangers round up each year to count, give vaccinations and brand. The buffalo are truly an awe to look at, with many weighing thousands of pounds. See the badlands landscape  as you’re taking a look around the mountainous scenery and explore the enormous Crazy Horse Memorial, which draws nearer to completion every season.

The Mount Rushmore area is the perfect stop for your family this fall, as the leaves start to turn and a cool breeze arrives in the South Dakota area. Take part in the season near one of the nation’s most famous memorials.

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