Autumn Puts on a Spectacular Show in the Vancouver Area

Explore the beauty of Vancouver and the surrounding areas as autumn turns the countryside into a tapestry of brilliant fall colors. With tours that cover Whistler, Victoria, and Vancouver, you don’t have to miss out on any of the wonderful sights that the area has to offer. Bring your camera and take pictures to go along with the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Start out your journey with the Vancouver Island, Victoria and Butchart Gardens Tour. This tour will give you the chance to see both Vancouver and Victoria as well as the famous Butchart Gardens. Different seasons dictate the flowers that are used throughout the gardens on this tour, so you can expect to see fall flowers and plant life everywhere you go. Don’t forget to take pictures of the famous places you see as well as the incredible gardens. This tour will take you on a relaxing journey that will fill your whole day with wonderful scenery and experiences.

If you feel you haven’t seen enough of Victoria and you want the chance to see some of the whales the area is known for, make sure to go on the Victoria Bus Tour and Whale Watching Cruise from Vancouver. This tour will combine the best of both worlds, so you get to see some of the famous places in Victoria like the Inner Harbor as well as the awe-inspiring killer whales in the ocean. During the whale watching portion of your time, you will be aboard a ship with the capabilities to allow you and the other guests to listen to the whales communicate. It’s an incredible adventure that will give you plenty of opportunities for photos.

Don’t forget to see the charming town of Whistler while you’re in Vancouver. The Whistler Tour via Sea to Sky Highway will give you the chance to see the wilderness and resort attractions that the area is known for. Gorgeous views and history await around every corner in Whistler. You won’t want to put your camera down as you take in scenic views throughout the experience. It’s a lovely way to round out your knowledge and appreciation of the area.

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