Participate in the Nillie Bipper Arts and Crafts Festival in Chattanooga!

Highlight your Chattanooga vacation by planning around the 42nd annual Nillie Bipper Arts and Crafts Festival, with more than 75 diverse exhibits taking place in the first weekend of October – on the second and third. See the artistic talent of individuals from miles around gather at one point to celebrate their creations in the Tri-State Exhibition in the nearby Cleveland area. The festival is perfect for families and all ages, and special entertainment and concession stands will be available for visitors as well. While you’re staying around the area, check out other activities and stay overnight at some of Chattanooga’s superior lodging.

After you’ve participated in the festival, there are several outings on the water that will perfectly top off your afternoon or evening such as the Blue Moon Chickamauga Locks Cruise, where you not only see the powerful lock system along the River Gorge, but you’ll also view the many miles of plant life and animal life along the shore. As you’re sailing the river water, you can dine on a scrumptious meal of exquisite barbecue and sides along with your choice of beverage. The boat cruise combines an educational experience with scenic beauty from the start to your final stop.

In addition to the locks cruise, you can also take the Blue Moon Eco-Tour of Tennessee River Gorge, which has the same relative feel but concentrates on the legends and myths behind the culture of the area. As your streamlined vessel makes its way down the Tennessee River Gorge, you’ll have the opportunity to snap shots of the 27,000 acre canyon surrounding you. Along the way, you may see some of the eagles and hawks that have made their home here. This cruise has a deliciously tender barbecue meal with it as well, so you’ll be sure not to leave the boat hungry.

Find time to enjoy all the experiences of Chattanooga as the summer draws to a close. You’ll have a blast in this quaint southern city.

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