Take a Fall Vacation in South Carolina Through the Charleston Corn Maize!

For the whole month of October, visitors and locals alike can participate in numerous activities to welcome the fall season to Charleston through the Charleston Corn Maize event. Legare Farms, a large family-owned farm, is once again letting all who are interested try out activities such as old hayride journeys, pumpkin pickings, balloon launches, scarecrow stuffings and much more. Of course, the most famous part of the experience, the “Maze in Maize” puts you on a journey through five acres of hidden turns and pathways. If you’re brave enough, you can go inside the maze with only the moonlight to guide you. Charleston’s area lodging is available if you would like to stay overnight or longer.

For those that would like to learn about Charleston’s past, the Old South Carriage Tour will treat you to a proper ride through the paved and cobblestone streets starting at the Old South Carriage Co. Stables and moving through famous areas like Charleston’s historical Residential District. Discover the architecture, people and legends dating back before colonial times to understand the deep veins of history that run through the area. Your decked-out guide adorned in Confederate regalia will be happy to answer questions you may have.

You may also enjoy a different perspective of Charleston’s history with The Charles Towne Pub Stroll, which walks you through many of the best known bars and taverns in the area. Explore famous sites and take the opportunity to ask questions of your knowledgeable guide dressed in a period costume. Your guide will also give you a rundown of the Prohibition era, when alcohol was a forbidden beverage. This fantastic tour lasts a full two hours.

You can make the best of your time in Charleston with these fun fall activities. Take a trip down to the southern regions for a warm vacation before the cool chill of winter hits.

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