Myrtle Beach Concert America Wine Festival Provides Memories and Fun

Remember the events of 9/11 by participating in Concert America out at the beautiful La Belle Amie Vineyard in the Myrtle Beach area. Show your patriotism alongside countless others to remember the events of this tragic yet monumental day when Americans were united in support toward families that had lost loved ones. The event is from 4-7 pm and there’s plenty of cooked cuisine at the barbecue pit, where you can pick up your tasty burger and drink a glass of delicious wine. Talented artists feature their paintings and other crafts, along with all kinds of entertainment. As you’re enjoying your stay in mid-September, you can pick out any of the available lodging.

There’s other great dinner shows in this eastern vacation area, such as the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament – Myrtle Beach, SC. The show features top stunts and performances that perfectly capture the Middle Ages environment, with six knights competing for the hand of a princess. Sit with your table around an arena and cheer for the knight that matches your table’s color and coat of arms. You’ll be served a gourmet meal of chicken and rib, soup, garlic bread and more.

Along with the performances of the Medieval Times, you may try Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, another fantastic dinner show with 32 well-trained horses that perform tricks and perfectly work in unison with each other. While you’re watching, you can chow down on a hearty four-course meal of rotisserie chicken, corn on the cob, specialty dessert and other dishes. The extravagant show has a little of everything, from hilarious comedy to stunning animal and professional trainer performances.

Myrtle Beach is awaiting your arrival, so come soon to experience great food, entertainment and beverages. The locals’ southern hospitality will thrill you and your family.

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