Werowocomoco Exhibition at Jamestown Settlement Provides Insight into 1600s Culture

For the first time in history, more than 60 artifacts that cover 10,000 years of Virginia’s Native American history will be displayed in the Jamestown Settlement museum. Werowocomoco was the name of the settlement where the legendary Chief Powhatan was living when colonists arrived in the area in 1607. It was at this time that the legendary of John Smith and Pocahontas was born. Guests visiting this museum while the exhibition is being displayed from May 15th to November 15th will get to see artifacts that are relevant to that time. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about the Native Americans who inhabited the area in the 1600s and their relationship with the colonists.

If you go to Jamestown Settlement to learn about Native American history during the 1600s, you will also be interested in the settlement itself. This settlement is an authentic replication of the colonists’ living arrangements complete with costumed actors who show guests what life was like for the colonists. Also at the settlement, are replicas of the three ships that colonists arrived on for guests to explore. This settlement is an amazing piece of history to explore.

When you’ve finished exploring the 1600s, move on to the 18th century at Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg offers guests the chance to explore historic buildings dating back to the early 1800s where some of history’s most important figures lived as well as area’s the courthouse and gaol. Costumed residents help bring the time to life for visitors and make Colonial Williamsburg seem like the bustling 18th century town it once was.

0 thoughts on “Werowocomoco Exhibition at Jamestown Settlement Provides Insight into 1600s Culture

  1. This seems like it would be a really interesting exhibit. I’d love to go to places that could make everything from the colonization to the American revolution seem more real to me.

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