Spend Labor Day Weekend Viewing the Grand Canyon in the Air!

Labor Day weekend marks a great time for the sights of the Grand Canyon landscape. The red painted desert stretches on for miles, and you’ll see rock formations all throughout the ravine. Your sightseeing experience can be even better up in the air, and there are plenty of helicopters and planes awaiting your arrival for a bird’s eye view of the various canyon rims. Soar above the Colorado River by looking through the folowing tours.

Grand Kingdom Helicopter Tour – North & South Rim

See two sides of this natural landmark on a flying tour across cliffs and various vegetation. From 5,000 feet above, you’ll be able to view the Colorado River as it rushes around bends and twists in the rocky gaps. The color of the river will change depending on the mineral content of the water, appearing either aqua blue or brownish red. Don’t worry about a noisy ride, as the helicopter is one of the quietest aircrafts in the Grand Canyon area.

South Rim Airplane Tour

If you’d like to see all the sites of the South Rim, you can fly above the area inside the comfortable interior of a plane. Along the way, you can look for areas like the Navajo Indian Reservation, Zuni Point and Painted Desert. Each area has its own special sites, such as the tall Desert View Watchtower and historic Temple Butte.

North Canyon Helicopter Tour

If you decided on the South Rim Airplane Tour, you can always follow up with a view of the opposite side of the canyon. Explore via helicopter famous sights like the Dragon Corridor, which is located near the canyon’s center. The area is both the widest and deepest part, and you’ll be able to see the entire thing within minutes with your transportation.

See the sights of the canyon in all directions with these tours and more. Your Labor Day weekend couldn’t be more promising!

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