Nashville African American Street Festival Provides Cultural Wisdom

Join the over 100,000 who will gather in Nashville for the 28th annual African Street Festival taking place from September 17-19. The event’s activities will all be held at Tennessee State University, and you’ll have plenty of time to experience everything the festival offers, including a children’s pavilion, authentic African dining opportunities, music from genres like Jazz, Gospel and Reggae, and dancing. You won’t want to miss the event, and you can get prepared by booking lodging in nearby hotels.

In addition to the African culture, you can also experience the traditions of Nashville by attending a performance like the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater which celebrates authentic country music by music artists of the past. Sit back in your seat for a touch of humor and big talent as special guests like Tommy Cash, Dianna Murrell, and many more sing their melodies. On top of the performance, the theater also provides an delectable buffet with four meat and pasta entrees, crisp salads, buttery rolls, and much more.

For another show, you can go to the Opry Country Classics, which reenacts the traditions and history of Nashville through talented live musical performances by famous country music artists. The tunes will be a sweet song to your ears as you hear both old and contemporary forms of country songs.

Fulfill your dreams in the Nashville area by experiencing both foreign and local culture. The music and history will make your vacation experience enjoyable.

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