Relax in the San Diego Atmosphere of the Ocean Beach Jazz Fest!

Come mid-September, locals and jazz lovers from across the country can gather to hear the annual Ocean Beach Jazz Fest, presenting some of the top jazz names around San Diego. On September 11, you’ll be able to watch the shows on seven enormous stages with 26 well-known bands and solo artists as they pump out the smooth harmonic tones of the jazz genre. Nearby on Newport Avenue, you can view the work of more than 50 fine art vendors. If you decide to stay the night or spend a whole vacation in San Diego, you can find plenty of area lodging.

The jazz festival is only a small part of the city, though, and you can see more of the sights with the Go San Diego Card. This great pocket-sized pass provides savings of up to 30% to diners and businesses around the area, free admission to over 50 attractions and a complete guidebook to unlock all the city’s geographical hot spots. Map out your destinations before you go, and make your one-time purchase of a card that’s good for up to a week!

If you’d like to take a knowledgeable ride through the city that blends both the friendly personality of the locals and historical features, you can try the San Diego City Tour. The tour includes beautiful harbor views and sights of famous areas like the Exposition Museum buildings, Embarcadero and Hotel Del Coronado. Learn about both highlights and small details of this great city with a full tour of it.

The attractions of San Diego can be enjoyed by all, whether you’re used to the city life or you’re from a more rural area. It’s an experience for everyone to try.

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