President to be at the Washington DC National Book Festival!

The National Mall in Washington DC will be hosting the 10th annual National Book Festival on September 25, where visitors will be able to see President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, as they chair the event. Famous authors like Katherine Paterson, Scott Turow, Gordon S. Wood, and more will be there as well for visitors to talk with and learn more about their books. The event lasts from 10-5:30, so you’ll have plenty of time to browse through your favorite authors’ works. You can look through our list of hotels in the area as well.

As far as the rest of the city is concerned, you can easily tour famous historical sites and monuments by taking tours such as the DC in a Day Tour, which stops at places like the US Capitol, World War II Memorial, and Ford’s Theater. You’ll be able to see many more sites from your luxurious motorcoach transportation. Prepare to learn and discover with this great experience that lasts approximately nine hours.

You can see DC in a different light with the DC After Dark tour. See the city and its monuments lit up and stop at places like the Vietnam Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and much more. You can even see the US Capitol building, which turns a subtle shade of green at night. You’ll become enthralled with the sites of the city with this interesting tour that combines city lights and skyscape darkness.

See the incredible Washington DC and all the important opportunities that accompany it, such as shopping, history, and pleasant dining.

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