Greek Culture Comes to Myrtle Beach in Late September!

Take part in the fantastic Myrtle Beach Greek Festival, which is celebrated from September 24-27 by locals and visitors. It features activities and atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. The event incorporates a wide menu of Greek and Mediterranean-type foods, with everything from roasted Gyro to crisp, Greek salad. There are children activities as well, along with opportunities for dancing and tours. If you’d like, you can stay near the entertainment by reserving one of Myrtle Beach’s area hotels.

More fun can be had at the Ripley’s Aquarium, which offers a full view of marine wildlife through the glass of a 750,000 gallon tank. Inside, you’ll be able to see piranhas and enormous sharks. You can head along to other exhibits like the Ray Bay for views of other animals along with interactivity. There is also a restaurant and a fun gift shop inside the aquarium, where you can eat your fill of seafood and purchase small souvenirs to take back home with you.

If you’re looking to unwind, the NASCAR Speedpark has the high intensity energy that can give you and the rest of your family an exciting all-day activity. For a warm up, try out the mini-golf course offered onsite. Later on, you can view breathtaking stunts and tricks through one of the famous shows featuring the incredible talent of daredevils across the nation. Feel the rush and come back soon.

September is full of great opportunities for the whole family, and you’re welcome to come down to Myrtle Beach to enjoy them. Explore new culture and excitement during the start of the fall season.

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