The Grand Canyon Celebration of Art set in Panoramic Beauty

Add an artistic feel to your vacation in the Grand Canyon by attending the second annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, which begins on September 11. You’ll enjoy the open air atmosphere as 30 artists paint their vision of the incredible desert beauty around them. The itinerary follows artists painting along the rim from September 11-16, moves to an evening artist program on September 17, and finally picks winners of the artistic competition on September 18. Stay for the whole week at lodging in the nearby Flagstaff, Williams, Page, or other areas.

For views high above the canyon, you can try the Grand Kingdom Helicopter Tour – North and South Rim, a 50 minute tour of the Grand Canyon’s north and south ends. The tour starts by flying over to the southern rim near the Grandview Point, and your pilot will fly above the Colorado River for miles, where you can admire the colorful shades that the river displays, depending on the mineral content. On the north side, you’ll go past the famous Imperial Point.

For a more thorough look at the canyon’s north side, you can take the Imperial Helicopter Tour – North Canyon, Painted Desert and Colorado River. You’ll be provided both up-close and far away views of the sunlit rim and desert. Your skilled pilot will take you around bends and let you see the winding Colorado River that runs red or blue, depending on the amount of rain flow and mineral content in it at the time.

Explore one of the most well-known landmarks in the nation through both artists’ eyes and your own. You’ll remember your experience so vividly you’ll want to come back again next year.

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