Stop in Vancouver for Great Laughs at the International Comedy Festival

Experience the joy of Vancouver through the annual Vancouver International Comedy Festival starting September 16 and going until September 26 on Granville Street. No matter what days you choose to attend, you’ll be laughing until your stomach hurts as you hear comedian legends like Tom Green, Charlie Murphy, Gerry Dee, and much more. The productions allow for you to experience the suitable Vancouver party atmosphere while hearing hilarious jokes. If you’re wanting to stay in Vancouver for the length of the show, be sure to check out our nearby lodging.

You can explore more of the city with a Vancouver Island, Victoria & Butchart Gardens Tour, featuring much of the beauty of the surrounding area. Several options are available to you on the tour including skating on a sunlit outdoor rink or discovering some of the interesting plant life in the Japanese-style garden. You can taste unique cuisine at the Blue Poppy restaurant or the Dining Room restaurant.

For another sightseeing option of Vancouver, you may try the Whistler Tour via Sea to Sky Highway, which provides history and culture of the Fitzsimmons Range and the town of Whistler. You’ll view the Gold Rush Heritage Trail and the Pemberton Trail, two must-see paths that hold a significant place in the traditions of the locals. You’ll also visit places like Horseshoe Bay and the Porteau Cove Provincial Park.

As you can see, Vancouver has the perfect blend of historic features and entertainment for relaxation. Travel through this wonderful area in the summer season.

0 thoughts on “Stop in Vancouver for Great Laughs at the International Comedy Festival

  1. This would be very fun to go to, especially with famous comedians like Charlie Murphy and Tom Green! If I was closer to the area, I’d definitely go!

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