San Antonio Paves the Way for the Labor Day Arts and Crafts Event

Join in the brilliant San Antonio River Walk festivities from September 3-6 for the Labor Day Arts and Crafts to see and purchase some of the beautiful displays that have been handmade by hundreds of skilled craftsmen. The Labor Day Arts and Crafts event incorporates vendors who will set up shop in the River Walk Extension and offer shining jewelry, brush art, colorful pottery, and more. Enjoy the exciting River Walk atmosphere while participating in the yearly event. To be closer to the action and summer fun, pick out lodging that sits close to the River Walk.

There is no shortage of activities in this Texas city, and if you’d like a historical perspective of the River Walk, you may want to try the Rio San Antonio River Walk Cruises, which are offered all throughout the summer months. You’ll enjoy this 40 minute tour that takes you by boat for two and a half miles, passing by the San Fernando Cathedral and the historic Alamo. The knowledgeable tour guide will point out other famous sites, and you can your guide questions pertaining to the tour.

For an even fuller dose of history, you can briefly exit the River Walk for the Alamo Reflections Tour, which not only provides a walkthrough of the famous Alamo fort, but also explores the oldest stone church in the nation, Mission Conception. As a special bonus, you’ll also stop at El Mercado, which has every kind of authentic Mexican cuisine you can imagine.

Vacation in San Antonio for a mix of exciting activities, culture, and history. The sites along the River Walk will astound you.

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