Stop by Memphis Music and Heritage Festival for Musical Enjoyment!

Friends and family have another reason to visit Memphis with the annual Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, taking place over Labor Day weekend. There are multiple attractions for visitors to see, including all of Memphis’ famous music genres such as blues, rock, country, jazz, and more. If you’re into cuisine, the festival is hosting several professional chefs who will prepare their signature recipes live in front of audiences. You can attend all of these events at the Center for Southern Folklore and stay in your choice of comfortable lodging.

If you’d like to see Memphis through the eyes of the former rock n’ roll king, you can take the Graceland Bus Tour through his beautiful mansion. Your transport will offer a 50’s style bus ride to the Elvis’ lodging. The tour includes a walkthrough of eight adorned rooms along with a welcome view of Elvis’ two planes, the Hound Dog II and the Flying Graceland. Your tour will close with a visit to the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and his adorned tombstone lie in peace.

You can experience the upbeat Rockabilly Mojo Tour as well, which looks into the life of the King along with music legends Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. Your bus transport will provide you with live entertainment through various acts between your memorable visits, including oldies music and comedy. You’ll tour both the historical and scenic parts of Memphis, including the grand Mississippi River, Beale Street, Cotton Row, and much more.

Your stop in Memphis will provide the musical touch and historical knowledge that you’ve been craving. Take time out of your summer to visit this wonderful place, if only for the weekend!

0 thoughts on “Stop by Memphis Music and Heritage Festival for Musical Enjoyment!

  1. This would be a great idea for the Labor Day weekend! It sounds like there’s going to be a ton of different musical groups there.

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