Experience Diverse History in Mount Rushmore

Guests who come to Mount Rushmore will find that the area has a diverse history to share with visitors. With everything from a mine dating back to the gold rush to the National Presidential Wax Museum which chronicles the history of the United States’ presidents, there is no end to the history you can explore. Come and see it all for yourself before summer ends!

Mount Rushmore Audio Tour

Visitors to the Mount Rushmore area should not miss out on their chance to see Mount Rushmore. This impressive monument stands over 5,000 feet tall and has the faces of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into a mountain. This representation of the first 150 years of America is impressive to say the least. The audio tour of Mount Rushmore gives you the chance to study the area at your leisure while listening to narration, music, and interviews about the making of Mount Rushmore.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

For a look at history that dates back to the Ice Age, check out Mammoth Site of Hot Springs. This site is a fascinating place to explore. You will start out with a guided tour of a working paleontology lab where you can see fossils of the mighty mammoth and then relax for a video presentation. Your time at the site can also be spent exploring the many exhibits and excavations taking place. This is a step back in time that proves fascinating for people of all ages.

Big Thunder Gold Mine

If you’re interested in the history of the Gold Rush, you will definitely want to visit the Big Thunder Gold Mine while you’re in the Mount Rushmore area. Big Thunder Gold Mine is an authentic gold mine that dates back to 1882. A tour guide will lead you around to various sites in the mine to tell you what it was like to work in the gold mine back in the 1800s. For those interested, there is even an opportunity to pan for gold just like miners used to in the old days.

The Journey Museum – Rapid City

For a museum that will take you on an adventure through many pieces of American history, check out The Journey Museum. This museum has exhibits featuring geology, archeology, Native Americans, and pioneers. This museum clearly chronicles the history of South Dakota so you can see a timeline of how the area developed. It’s a fascinating way of learning that is fun for people of all ages!

National Presidential Wax Museum

If you’re more interested in the history of the United States and its presidents, you’re going to want to visit the National Presidential Wax Museum. This museum has a collection of incredible wax figures resembling past presidents. You can have your picture taken with George Washington as you learn about him. In addition, this museum has fine sculptures, presidential china, and other collectables for guests to view while they’re visiting.

0 thoughts on “Experience Diverse History in Mount Rushmore

  1. I think it would be so much fun to travel to South Dakota and learn everything i could about mount rushmore. And the paning for Gold would be alot fun (especially if i found something) That would just be a bonus! 🙂

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