Take A Look At Nashville’s History

November 8, 2012

Nashville, VME

Known as the country music capital of the world, most tourists visit the southern city to see their favorite country stars on the Grand Ole Opry stage. However, what most people forget about is the immense amount of history that has taken place in the southern state. Check out these fun historical tours that laid the path forNashville’s country music future.

Belle Meade Plantation Tour

John Harding founded the plantation in 1807 after purchasing 250 acres of land. Harding was from the Commonwealth a Virginia, a state that had become known for thoroughbred racing and breeding, so Harding purchased the land to try his hand at raising his own thoroughbreds. In 1820, He commissioned a modest brick home on the property and officially named the estate “Belle Meade.” He turned out be the most successful man in the country at breeding thoroughbreds and was hailed throughout his life for his accomplishments in racing and breeding. After Harding died in 1886, the plantation passed through several hands until finally being purchased by the State of Tennessee in 1953. The state entrusted it with the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities, a nonprofit historic preservation organization that has preserved the plantation as a monument to the Old South. On the tour, visitors will have the chance to see all seven original outbuildings on the property lead by a knowledgeable tour guide dressed in period clothing. For more information about the plantation and ticket prices, please visit the following link.

Civil War Tour: The Battle of Franklin

On December 1, 1864, nearly 2,000 people were killed in just five hours in the Battle of Franklin. This hallowed ground is home to one of the worst disasters for the Confederate Army who showed up with three times the number of soldiers than the Union. As you walk the battleground, you will hear the stories of these brave soldiers who lost their lives and the unfortunate families that were caught in the crossfire. Visit ground zero, the Carter House, a modest farmhouse whose residents graciously aided those injured in the battle including their own family members. Visitors will be able to see the evidence of battle still surrounding the house 148 years later. Thousands of bullet holes are visible in the walls of the house and its outbuildings. This wonderful tour tells the story of the people behind the numbers. For more information about the tour, visit this link.

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