Williamsburg Area Home To Fascinating Museums

November 11, 2009


Colonial WilliamsburgWilliamsburg is known for it’s historic gems. Most people travel to Jamestown Settlement or Colonial Williamsburg. However, there are so many other things to enjoy in Williamsburg. Many of these interesting attractions are local museums. If you’re planning a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia there are a few must-see museums!

James Geddy House

This is decidedly one of the strangest houses in Colonial Williamsburg. Everything from the L shape to the lack of dormers are unusual features for the era and location of the house. Not only was this original house used as a private residence, but it housed many of Geddy’s business ventures including a gunsmith, foundry, and silversmith. Very little renovation has taken place since the house was built in 1792, but small changes have been made in the traditional look. 

Mariner’s Museum

Since you’re already going to be in the area, make a point to visit the Mariner’s Museum. This museum is filled with fascinating exhibits, some of which are permanent collections and others are temporary traveling exhibits. Message In A Bottle is the current featured exhibit. This fascinating exhibit is a photographic showcase of the garbage and waste dumped into the ocean. There are also sculptures made from trash that the artists fished out of the water! 

Isle of Wight Museum

Isle of Wight Museum is home to incredibly fascinating and unbelievably odd exhibits. The featured exhibits range from prehistoric fossils to a classic country store. The most notable exhibit is the Smithfield ham exhibit. Isle of Wight museum houses the world’s oldest Smithfield ham, which was cured in 1902. This famous ham is displayed center-stage in a glass case. There is also an exhibit showcasing the world’s largest ham, as decided by the Guinness Book of World Records. This 2,200 pound ham is not located in the museum, but there is an interactive exhibit. 

Waterman’s Museum

Another unique museum in the Yorktown, Virginia area is the Waterman’s Museum. This fascinating museum is located on the banks of the York River. The museum features exhibits on fishing and boat building, along with artifacts from Revolutionary War era. The mission of the Waterman’s Museum is to honor and commemorate the role that watermen played in shaping our nation from the beginning.

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  1. Jessica Says:

    These museums sound so cool. I would love to visit the Mariner’s Museum.


  2. Bronwyn Says:

    These museums sound incredible! I’ve wanted to go to Williamsburg for years, and this only encourages me more!


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